Friendship is like a flower. It starts off as a seed, sprouts and grows little by little as you water and nurture it, then blossoms into a flower. The only exception is that you expect the flower to blossom.

I didn’t expect to befriend most of the people I currently call my friends, let alone get close to them. It hadn’t hit me how random friendship seems to be until chemistry class during a drill, when someone opened up about what was on their mind for the first time.

I didn’t expect to get closer to her or even talk to her at all. We started off by talking when we introduced ourselves to each other the first day of school and decided to become partners for a lab because we were the only apparent juniors that we knew of in the class. It was awkward at first as many first meetings are, but it eventually budded into something meaningful as time went on.

Although the thought ran through my mind a few times, I’ve acknowledged how beautiful a process friendship is and how much time and effort it requires. It’s not something we should take for granted because you never know if it’s something worthwhile that may last a lifetime.


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