The Walking Dead

I’ve been binge watching The Walking Dead for the past few weeks. At first, the zombies were portrayed as being the most dangerous thing there is. But when it comes to the end of the world, the true colors of each person comes out, and most of them are ugly. However,there is still some good in the world that goes out of its way to help everyone.

I’m stuck between the concept of survival of the fittest and to be good to everyone, because each has its own pros and cons. If you’re too cruel, how you treat others will come back to haunt you. However, it you’re too kind, people will use that to their advantage. There needs to be a balance of kind and cruel, and it all varies depending on the reason. 

For many shows, it’s usually black or white, but this show is an in between of gray. This is why I’m so emotionally invested in the show. Whoever may be depicted as a villain at first may not be fully bad to their core. They act as they do for a reason. This all ties together to a topic in class, which is everyone has a story.


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