Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping has got to be one of the most stressful shopping experiences ever. Not only do you have to worry whether the gift you’re buying would be thoroughly enjoyed by the  person you’re buying it for or not, but you also have to budget and spend a whole lot of money.

A few weeks ago, I found a store with signs stating that it would buy used games and consoles, and I realized I had an untouched Super Nintendo that had been sitting in the dust for years and a DSi that had been hidden under a pile of wires since I was young, along with multiple games. I looked through my house to find them and, while doing so, I also found a wad of cash that would have been thrown out if no one ever organized the junk first. By selling the stuff today, I managed to scrape up enough money to buy gifts for my beloved friends and to not break my bank.

I bought all of the Christmas gifts I needed to buy today so I wouldn’t have to do so later on. It feels so good to have the Holiday stress lifted off my shoulders.


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