In Peter Grey’s presentation about play, he calls for less school and more play. He states that standardized clinical assessments show that there are five times more mentally ill children now than back then in the 1950s, followed by an increase in suicide rate. This is due to the fact that children are deprived of play now than ever before. Experiments involving rats and monkeys show that those play-deprived are socially and emotionally crippled in a way that they react to unfamiliarity with fear and unnecessary aggression instead of with curiosity and an open mind. However, those who did play resulted in social and emotional success. This is because play teaches children independence, problem-solving, joy, and empathy.

Instead of the popular notion that there should be more school, adults should instead call for less. The irrational fear of danger due to mass media caused adults to view play as childish and to stress school as the utmost importance; however, this is damaging our children instead of benefiting. Calling for less school does not necessarily mean worse school, it just means more quality and less quantity. With the right amount of work and play, children would be able to blossom to their greatest potential.


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