Valentine’s Day

Many believe that Valentine’s Day is simply a Hallmark holiday, meaning it exists primarily for commercial use rather than to celebrate tradition. It can’t be denied that this day of romance has been widely popularized each year, but there must be more to it than superficial flowers and chocolates.

According to History, Valentine’s Day was originally dedicated to the patron martyed saint known St. Valentine or St. Valentinus. The church recognizes three different saints of the same name. One legend tells of a Roman priest who would perform marriages for young lovers in secret when Emperor Claudius II outlawed young men from marriage with the belief that single men created better soldiers than married men. One story suggests that Valentine would help Christians escape harsh Roman prisons. Lastly, according to another legend, an imprisoned Valentine sent the first “valentine” greeting to his lover before his death.

Although there are different versions, all of them are similar in a way that Valentine is a sympathetic and romantic hero. It’s a no brainer why Valentine’s Day would be associated with love.


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