Description can make a world of a difference in your writing. Beth Johnson’s article, “Let’s Get Specific,” lays out examples, comparing dull and vague passages to colorful and concrete ones. She perfectly supports the idea that more description captivates the reader and causes them to remember them and their writing due to the fact that humans simply desire details. In her first example, she lays out two different applications, one vague and the other specific. The vague application can be easily glossed over without a thought because there was no detailed description of what the applicant did nor what he is capable of. The second applicant was able to pique the reader’s interest by stating her experiences in concrete detail, enabling the reader to remember them more vividly and consider them far more than the abstract applicant. Laying out specific details in your writing not only makes it sound more compelling, but it will make you an overall better writer enjoyed by many readers.


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