Celebrity Activism

Flickr @musictrendsetter

In Ginia Bellafante’s article, “Shia LaBeouf and the Pitfalls of Celebrity Activism,” the writer implies how celebrities almost never uses their voice and fame and talk of issues that happen around us. When they do, they often simply talk and put in no action to help the cause. I agree with her view that more celebrities need to exit their world of fame and remember that there’s issues around the world that they have the power to influence. There are many notable celebrities that do put in the effort to change the world, such as Sia. Kanye West is releasing a fashion line, and many articles of clothing use real animal fur. Sia launched a public attack and created a petition to  ban fur from being used as a material from London Fashion Week. She does not only state her concern and belief, but she also took action to change an issue through the petition. Celebrities like her who use their power to influence others for the better are one of the many who we should look up to.


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