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On Saturday, March 18, my Spanish 3 class took a field trip to the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) in Long Beach. We viewed the Dreamland collection of the Chicano artist, Frank Romero, that depicted a historic retrospective of the life of Los Angeles through his eyes as a Latin American.

This artwork, Family Car with Dog, was the first to catch my eye because of the bright neon lights behind the wood of the vibrant acrylics. I enjoyed this piece because I felt that it still perfectly represents Los Angeles to today with the flashing lights and palm trees.

This large mural, ¡Méjico, Mexico!, was the next to pique my interest because of the pop outs of the angels and palm trees. I liked how there’s various things going on, each representing something different for Mexico.

I simply liked this next piece, The Closing of Whittier Blvd., because of the painted details on the cars, especially the light reflections. After some research, I found out that the painting depicted the police brutality against Hispanics back in the day as shown through the event of closing down Whittier Boulevard on weekend nights. The sheriffs stated that they wanted to stop the violence by preventing people from cruising through the streets, but they actually wanted to show the control they had on the gangs. Gang violence only increased dramatically throughout the whole east side afterwards due to the closure.

I’m glad that I was able to experience the life of Frank Romero through his artworks as it made me appreciate art even more. Not only is it pleasing to the eyes, each artwork holds it’s own history as well.


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