Your Body is a Canvas

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One thing that doesn’t make sense to me is how some people look down upon people who have some sort of art on their body, let it be makeup or tattoos. My mother complimented my makeup for my friend’s birthday party, but scolded me for looking more mature than I should be. She believes that I shouldn’t be wearing makeup at my age because I should stay young, but she doesn’t realize I put on makeup because it’s fun, not because I’m insecure. 

People praise sketches, painting, and sculptures, but why is it that body art receives such negative reactions when it should be praised as art? People associate tattoos with gangs and other people associate makeup with insecurity when in reality, many people paint their faces and ink their skin because they think it’s fun and beautiful. It’s the same as painting on a canvas, except instead of paper, our bodies are our canvases.


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