Books vs Movies

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The Netflix series for 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher was recently released. I, myself, had been waiting for its release for a month because I enjoyed the book and I love watching books I adore in film. The book is about Clay Jenson, a high school junior who finds a box full of cassette tapes from his former classmate and crush, Hannah Baker, who had recently ended her life. Hannah explains the reasons why she died on tape, and the person who receives them is one of the reasons why. It was a well-written book that brought awareness to suicide and bullying as it became more popular through the youth.

I was concerned about how the show would turn out because I usually find them to either be horribly butchered and rarely even better than the book itself. So far with my journey of the series, I found that many specific descriptions were changed or added to the plot, such as the timeline. In the book, Clay takes one night to finish all the tapes, but in the show, Clay finishes the tapes in a course of a week. In addition, I’m not a fan of the dialogue as I find it to be slightly unnatural from what an actual high schooler would think and say, but film usually over-exaggerates high school anyway.

I still have yet to finish the show, but so far, all in all, I’m enjoying the show, especially for its music and atmosphere. It may be slightly different from the book, but it’s still a good watch.


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